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Mud Fight!

7 Sep

Rolling in the mud: not just for animals. Doesnt this look like fun?

Parkour and Free Running Academy

5 Apr

Parkour always baffles me, it seems like no human being should be able to bounce around like that. But I give props to anyone who can do it. Theres a new facility that just opened in LA which allows enthusiasts to take this traditionally outdoor urban activity indoors.

Tempest Free Running Academy offers classes if you have Peter Parker tendancies, you can check out their website here:

But perhaps the best part of the official opening of the Tempest Academy was the video they released, check it out.

Whats wrong with an Orange mini-skirt?

17 Jun

FIFA 2010 is now in full swing as teams begin their second rounds of games this week, but the star players aren’t the only ones creating media buzz during the king of all soccer tournaments. If you’ve been reading up on your news, you may have noticed this story.

I was reading a copy of the Globe and Mail on my flight home today, and I found this article particularly interesting. Here is the quick breakdown; Dutch brewer Bavaria NV paid for 2 attractive dutch girls to fly to South Africa for the tournament. Once there, they successfully recruited roughly 36 other girls for their mission. The mission? Disguise themselves as Danish fans and attend Hollands first game of the tournament against Denmark. Once inside, the girls stripped off their Danish outfits leaving only tight orange miniskirts and tops bearing the Bavaria NV logo on the back, as they danced together in the crowd. Flaunting the dutch colors and promoting Bavaria NV all at the same time, it didn’t take long for this youtube video to pop up soon after the spectacle.

The girls were quickly escorted out of the game by local authorities and the two dutch girls were charged by south african police with ambush marketing.

As we all know, advertising rights for the 2010 World Cup is a lucrative gig, Adidas and Budweiser pay massive amounts of money for exclusive rights to promote their products during this tournament. Budweiser is claiming it had no part in the events that took place at the dutch game on Monday. The girls have been released on bail, but the story is growing in complications as a british TV commentator recently lost his job when the tickets the girls used were traced back to him. Apparently Robbie Earle, the commentator and former player himself was sacked as it was discovered that tickets issued to him were used by the girls at the Netherlands-Denmark match.

Ambush marketing it may be, but do these girls really deserve to be kicked out of the game and charged just for wearing certain clothes at a soccer match? When did world cup games have a dress code? Is there really that much damage from some attractive women in tight-fitting orange outfits dancing in the stands? I think not.

Nike and Tiger: Did you learn anything?

9 Apr

You’ve heard it on the news, you’ve seen the commercial, and the parodies are already popping up on youtube. There is alot of buzz about Nike’s new commercial, which features a black and white slow zoom of Tiger’s face, with a recording of his father playing over. Check it out:

So what’s going on here? I was scratching my head at first, what’s the point of this ad? We all know about the scandals and turbulance that Tiger has been apart of. When people thought golf, they thought Tiger, he was an icon, but Tiger has been busy chasing tail a little too much during his career and his marriage and it finally caught up with him. He backed out from the golf scene, sponsor’s were dropping him left and right, and finally it went quiet. It seemed we had seen the last of Tiger for a while.

But then this ad comes out of nowhere. Nike is pushing Tiger in our face again, just when we had enough. Is this ad tasteful or disgraceful? That clip of his father speaking, it was never intended for Tiger, it was a recording of his deceased father Earl speaking about his wife Tida, with Tiger’s name dubbed infront. Tiger told reporters: “I think it’s very appropo. I think that’s what my dad would say and it’s amazing how my dad can speak to me from different ways even when he’s long gone,”.

Did Tiger learn his lesson? Did we learn our lesson about idolizing a golfer? Did Nike learn anything?

All I know is that Nike is getting what it wants, attention, good or bad, they are banking on that old Brendan Behan quote “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”. So bravo Nike, you’ve got us talking, but are we all really thinking of buying new shoes now?