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Canadian National Parks: Something To Be Proud Of

7 Nov

It was 100 years ago that the National Parks system was created in Canada. The first of its kind in the world, the National Park system has grown to encompass more than 42 National Parks, 4 National Marine Conservation Areas, one National Landmark, and 167 National Historic Sites. Managed by Parks Canada, these areas have been set aside by Canadians to protect them from development, and to preserve the natural landscapes and wildlife of the country. With that I find it fitting to include a gallery of photos of some of the countries national parks, you can see the photos below.


Starting with the first national park in 1885, Banff National Park was merely a stepping stone into the network of terrestrial and marine areas in the park system today. By 1911 the Dominion Parks Branch was created, the beginning of our current system, and by 1930 the National Parks Act was put into legislation protecting all National Parks. These parks play a familiar role in the lives of many Canadians, from canoe trips on great rivers, camping in thick boreal forests, to skiing and snowboarding one of the world’s most spectacular mountain ranges. The expansiveness and the privilege of the natural beauty can often be overlooked, however it is important to value what so many other places on earth do not have, a natural beauty that attracts visitors from all over the world to see.

2011 is the anniversary of this century old system and the Royal Canadian Mint is commemorating the milestone with special coins that you might just come across in circulation and a pretty cool commercial as well. So the next time your find yourself in one of Canada’s Parks, take a minute to appreciate not only the wilderness around you, but the effort involved to create such an icon of sustainability in our great country.

Photos courtesy of National Geographic, you can view the gallery on their website here.

You can also visit the Royal Canadian Mint website here.

Wesley: Snowboard Prodigy?

15 Apr

Shaun White, Travis Rice, Wesley Muresan? Featured on CNN today, is the story of 3 year old Wesley who just started snowboarding this season. So how good can a 3 year old be? Better than most people who’ve been snowboarding since before he was born! Check out these videos of Wesley shredding on his 90cm board!


26 Mar

So after 10 weeks of travelling through 5 countries and thousands of kilometers, I find myself now sitting in my office at home. Its so difficult to adjust I find, one day your exploring a village in India, and the next your home in Canada. The hot water works whenever you want it to, there’s always toilet paper, cars don’t try to hit me when I cross the street, its so very different.

I will be showcasing some photos that I took over the course of my recent travels, having sorted through over 3000 photos to find just 200 of my favorites was no easy task. But keep an eye out for those soon. I have a snowboard trip to Montana this weeked, but when I get back I’ll be posting some up.

So for now, I’d like to share some of my recent findings on youtube. Here are three videos I watched last night. One is by a favorite band of mine, the Gorillaz, in a new video which really surprised me, Bruce Willis? Really? The song also feature Mos Def. The second is a commercial by Tropicana, its a special commercial to me because it takes place in the Canadian Arctic, a place I know all too well. Its definetly one big push to get the locals drinking Tropicana, but hey, its fun and it made me smile. The final video is a short film called Uncle Jack, take a minute to watch this, I thought it was very well done.

In the mean time, stay safe!

First Snowfall!

9 Oct


So yesterday morning, I woke up to a friend texting me on his way to school, 14 car pile-up on the whitemud was his message. I climbed out of bed and looked out the window, to find that everything was covered in snow! Winter may not truly be here yet but it sure feels like winter is well on the way.

So I thought what better way to welcome this new snow than to share the latest trailers for this years snowboard films! Because if you ski or snowboard, you know the itch that starts once the snowfalls. Unlike many around us, we don’t cringe at the thought of winter, we embrace it. When the white stuff starts to fall, all we can think about is being on the mountain, knee deep in powder.

So first up, a movie I just saw a couple days ago at the Garneau in Edmonton, its ‘Black Winter’, I couldnt find a good version on youtube so check this link:

Burton is releasing its film this year called ‘The B Movie’ here are a handful of trailers:

And one movie Im particularily excited about, due to its full HD quality, following in the footsteps of last years ‘Thats It Thats All’. A film from our friends from across the pond, ‘They Came From’:

Transworld has their movie coming out as well its called ‘Get Real’:

Another great looking film this year is Absinthe’s ‘Neverland’ which features Travis Rice:

Alterna Films is dropping their version of snowboarding goodness this year with ‘Elektro’:

‘Hard to Earn’ looks promising as well:

I missed the showing of Forums ‘Forever’ film last week, heres the trailer though:

And finally, it may not be a full snowboard film, but Warren Miller films are classic, and for the 60th year in a row comes a new film this winter, its called ‘Dynasty’: