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Introducing: The Sheepdogs

2 Nov

For such a small population, Canada does put forth a lot of musical talent into the world. The Sheepdogs are no exception. Pushed into the spotlight by the “Do You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star?” contest put on by the Rolling Stones Magazine, this Saskatoon band is starting to get their name heard. With the band struggling for exposure since their inception in the Canadian prairies, the news of winning the contest couldn’t have been sweeter news to their ears.

And with a sound reminiscent from the 1960’s and 70’s that could easily fool you into thinking you accidentally flipped to the classic rock station, its nice to hear the blend of modern and classic rock in their music. Catching a glimpse of the band members will further make you wonder what decade this really is as well, yep, that’s a lot of hair. You can check out more from the Rolling Stones Magazine here.

While you may recognize the track “I Don’t Know”, I urge you to explore some of their other tracks that are just as good. So with that said, add them to your playlist, click around YouTube, and enjoy the music that is The Sheepdogs.

Happy Valentines Day

14 Feb

Even though I don’t have a valentine today, I don’t mind wishing a good Vday to everyone else. So whether its a a true Valentines Day, or a ‘Valiumtine Day’ please enjoy my favorite Katie Melua song on this day.

Beat Box Champion of the World

28 Jan

This title gets thrown around quite a bit. I grew up listening to Rahzel, one could say he was one of the beat box innovators, bringing this unique style of vocals to life. “If your mother only knew” was one of the very first works by him that hooked me right away. And when anyone mutters the words beat box I automatically hear that song in my head. The art of beat box has definitely taken off, and has spawned a great number of talented beat box aficionados. One of which is making some waves lately is Eklips from France. You can check out vids by both Rahzel and Eklips below. Listen, Watch, Enjoy.

Cats and Cows and Bears oh my…

23 Oct

Favorite youtube videos of the day goto cyriak. With some truly bizarre animation that will get you scratching your head. Whats almost more funny than the videos themselves is the comments below. Such as “mind = blown”, “just an average day in my neighborhood”, or “I like the part where the cats meow”. It’s strange that comments are fast becoming one of my most entertaining experiences on youtube. I really do not know what else to say. Just watch.




The Beauty of Time Lapse

29 Sep

I was recently introduced to 2 videos from 2 friends, and I thought they were so good that I was obligated to share them. One video documents Hong Kong, and was shown to me by a friend there, the other is of Mexico City, and was shown to me by a friend who is from there as well. They both deal alot with time lapse, which is quickly becoming a favorite technique of mine, and these works only further inspire me. I think they are well put together, much props to the creators who took so much time to do them, check them out below!

Both are on Vimeo, so check them out here: Hong Kong, Mexico City.

Electric Summer

21 Jun

Its sunny, its hot, its summertime. In this kind of heat you need some music that can keep up. Ive recently been on a electronic/dance/techno funk and I cant seem to shake myself off it. Wake up in the morning, put the headphones on and turn it up, what a way to start the day. Here are my top picks for the summer of 2010.


24 Apr

Dumbfoundead, Jay Park, and Clara C, a few talented individuals from the US.

Dumbfoundead has an extensive track listing, his own website, and a Tshirt biz on the side, check out his page.

Jay Park from Seattle has a budding channel too.

Clara C from LA is well on her way to commanding a legion of her very own ‘CLARA-NETTES’ via her youtube channel and facebook fanpage. She has an amazing voice, be sure to check her out.!/ClaraCMusic

Three individuals with youtube channels stacked with music identifying them as up and coming artists. In a time when a successful youtube channel can be the beginning of something big, these young artists are sure to shine. Check out their new single released just yesterday; ‘Clouds’ a collaberation between the three of them.

Roll back the clouds, let the sun shine through…