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The High Line: Elevated Park

7 Apr

Theres a new park open in the lower west side of Manhattan in New York City, and its no ordinary park. Built atop the old freight rail tracks once known as the West Side Line, this 2.33km elevated parkway is one of the most unique models of urban renewal.

The elevated rail line used to serve the factories and warehouses in the district, with parts of the line running right through some buildings. But in the 1960’s the line was officially closed down. For years the looming ironwork of the line was slated to be demolished, but just recently was revitalized into a beautiful parkway. With native trees and plants, a street view ampitheater, and amazing views, the High Line park has been well recieved. The new park sits above the traffic of the busy streets below, and is even encouraging new real estate developments around it.

Now take a look through the photos and enjoy.

Closet House: The Compact Revolution

10 Mar

Who needs a big house? Thats just more shit to clean! Small homes and apartments are nothing new, but small spaces that feel bigger than they are, and are extremely cool is new. There is a quiet movement of these modern pint sized apartments and I call it ‘The Compact Revolution’.

The revolution has been growing, and has its roots primarily in the Asian and European regions. I first encountered the art of extreme space saving in Hong Kong designs. With an ever expanding population, and the drive to increase urban density and reduce our human footprint, the compact revolution is a movement to battle urban sprawl in style. If you want people to change, you need to create options, and not just any options, cool options.

One of the most recent designs I’ve seen in the compact world is the perfectly named ‘Closet House’ from Portugal. This apartment features 5 living areas in 474 square feet, and does it well. Watch the video to truly experience how the compact revolution is growing.


Ashton Kutcher’s Pad

4 Feb

I don’t normally follow what celebrities are up to, but I do follow the housing market. And thats when I stumbled upon this house.

Before Ashton Kutcher met Demi, he was in need of a bachelor pad to call his own. Apparently he bought this house for 1 million dollars, and proceeded to renovate it with his father. The house was expanded to 3235 sq.ft, and features large windows, rare hardwood finishings, and pool out back. It is now for sale, and listed at

Canvas is In!

22 May

New canvas prints are in! These ones are 24×36 stretched and mounted, ready to hang. This time I tried super extending the edges fading to black, I think it turned out well. This set is from my latest trip to China, Nepal, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Check them out!

Fresh from Vancouver: Gallery Prints Are In!

21 Dec

They are in! The new canvas gallery prints, stretched over 3/4″ mount, black edges, complete with mounting wire and hardware, they are ready to hang! Complete with description cards, check them out, and let me know what you think.

Large ones are 24×32, smaller one is 18×24. Each print comes with it’s own 10×15 description card with details about the particular photo.

If you are interested in obtaining one of these, or would like a canvas print of any of my photos, contact me!

You can view them on the FivePuddles Facebook Fanpage by clicking here!

Life On The Water

13 Aug

With the majority of people living on land, it may seem strange to know that there are many who prefer life on the water. It is a lifestyle that isn’t so strange for many, but so normal for others. For example; south east asia is dotted with entire villages floating on the water in places like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Seattle has harbors full of floating homes, which have the same amenities as land based homes, and many boast views no house in the hills can ever offer. A location minutes from downtown, with window filled bedrooms overlooking the water and an unobstructed view of the Seattle Skyline is a reality for some.


While other popular houseboat locations include Amsterdam, and New Jersey, one of the more unique locations to houseboat is Yellowknife, Canada. In Yellowknife, as you look out onto the great slave lake, you’ll notice a handful of floating houses dotted across the bay. Having been through Yellowknife countless times these last 5 years for work, Ive had the pleasure of viewing these barge style houseboats first hand. With no marina to tie up in, these houses must have sturdy anchors that prevent them from being pushed out to the dangerous open waters of the big lake. Amenities are slim, electricity comes from solar panels, windmills and generators, while many boast wood furnaces and stoves for heat in the extreme winter. Transportation is another interesting factor, in the dead of winter many residents can drive across the frozen waters right up to their houses, in summertime boats are the more feasible option. The real tricky part comes in the freeze-thaw periods in spring and fall, where a combination of paddling and walking couple with dragging your canoe with one leg always inside the canoe incase the ice gives way. One of the many challenges associated with life on the water.


Houseboats come in a variety of types and sizes, some more navigable than others, some with hot tubs and waterslides, others with rooftop terraces, and floor to ceiling windows. It’s a unique way to live, but its not for everyone.

But for many there is no other life, living on the water can be a lifestyle full of adventure and picturesque views, of self sufficiency and a feeling of pride. It’s the houseboat life.