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Mud Fight!

7 Sep

Rolling in the mud: not just for animals. Doesnt this look like fun?

911-10 Years Later

31 Aug

It was 10 years ago that I woke up to goto school, and flipped on the television only to realize that it would not be an ordinary day. 911 2001, will always be one of those moments when people think back and can pinpoint exactly where they were when they first heard of what was happening in New York City.

As September 11, 2011 approaches, and with a coming trip to New York on my horizon, I was curious as to what the site was like today. Currently the site of the once massive World Trade Center buildings holds a host of memorials and busy construction activities. It seems there is no stop to the movement, constantly building, rebuilding, never replacing, but creating something new in a place so needlessly destroyed. Even as hurricane Irene pushed through the city, the site was flooded, but the construction activity continues.

There is one man who see’s more than a mess of construction on the site, but rather a beautiful process of rebuilding. Marcus Robinson is an artist and photographer who has been documenting the world trade center site for the last 6 years. And with those horrible events 10 years in the past, maybe we can bring some good and beauty to the world. Take a look at the video, and check out his website.

Missouri: Shocking Tornado Video

23 May

If you have been following the news lately, you would know that a string of Tornado’s have been wreaking havoc in the central section of the U.S that makes up tornado alley this spring. The latest tornado hit Joplin, Missouri and killed 90 people so far. The storm is being classified as the 4th deadliest since 1950 record keeping in the U.S.

There has been a pretty disturbing video taken of a group of people at a store as the tornado hits. The audio in this video being a good example of just how terrifying a tornado experience really is. Watch the video below, the winds really pick up at about 2:00 as you hear the glass breaking in the store, and at 3:00 the tornado seems to pass right overtop of them. We can only hope for the best as this spring turns out to be one of the worst in tornado history.

The Milky Way: Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

23 Apr

Just in time for Earth Day, Norwegian photographer Terje Sorgjerd recently showcased his work filming the milky way from a mountain location in Spain. The results are impressive, through Sahara sand storms, waves of clouds, and a wide range of colors, his work has really paid off. He was recently featured on CNN talking about how he made the video, you can see that video here. His videos have been popping up across the blogging world, and other news sites like the Wall Street Journal, in which you can read that article here. If your interested, you can see what Terje Sorgjerd is up to on his facebook page. Otherwise, watch the incredible video below.

All About Japan

12 Mar

In the wake of the recent events in Japan, I was inspired to share some of my favorite short films and videos about Japan. As the death toll pushes into the thousands, I know that the Japanese people will remain strong and push onward through this tough moment in their history. With strong memories of Japan, I was lucky to experience the culture, food, and the people of this wonderful country one warm summer back in 2009. From hiking in the beautiful mountains, early morning Tsukiji sushi stops, riding the Nozomi trains, and meeting cool people in every city, it is a place I always wanted to go back to. Japan has contributed so much to the world, and they are an amazingly friendly, compassionate, respectful and creative people.

Check out some of these videos all about Japan.

A fantastic portrayal of a day in the busy capital city of Tokyo.

Great video by MylesInLondon.

I have to put the dancing storm trooper in Tokyo video up here too.

Another great video by markusman25.

Joshua Tree Experience

7 Jan


This week I had the opportunity to finally goto Joshua Tree National Park, while visiting my mother down in Palm Springs. Having been to California numerous times before I had never been to the Coachella Valley, so I was eager to explore the desert surroundings, and the famous Joshua Tree. Not just because its featured in a favorite episode of Entourage of mine..

Theres 3 access points into the park, the west Joshua Tree entrance, the north 29 Palms entrance, and the Cottonwood entrance at the very south end of the park. We drove up the 62 to the west Joshua Tree entrance, it took us about 45 minutes from Palm Springs, but was well worth the drive. The park itself is massive, with some very well maintained but limited roads through it. We checked out the Keys lookout, where you could look into the Coachella Valley, picking out Palm Springs, Indio, the mountains, the I-10, and even the Salton Sea far to the south-east.

We then hiked up Ryan mountain, a 3 mile in and out hike up the mountain. Southern California desert is very interesting in January, you can be hiking in the heat of the midday sun, and encounter frosty snow-covered sections of the trail on the backside of the mountains. Either way, making for an incredible experience as we pushed up to the top of Ryan mountain for extensive views of the park. We then drove through the park to the southern Cottonwood entrance for a rip up the I-10 back to Palm Springs.

One of the most interesting aspects of Joshua Tree is the changes you experience in the terrain and the flora and fauna with each ridge you pass over. The iconic Joshua trees giving the park its name spanning much of the higher elevations on the Mojave Desert, and the Cholla Cactus gardens blanketing some of the lower elevations. A dried up wash in the shade will host tall Junipers, while areas 20 feet away in the sun hosts a different flora altogether. With the help of a car, you can witness the scenery changing drastically as you descend down from the higher elevations on an ever winding road.

When I have more time, I’d love to head back into the park and spend a couple of days, doing some more hikes, but for now it was a great introduction to the park itself. I took my camera along with me, so all the photos you see I took myself. Needless to say, my time there was everything I hoped it would be, it may be just piles of rocks, but at the same time so much more.

Winter Shoes Time Lapse

1 Jan

So this isnt exactly hot off the press, but I havent posted it yet. When my winter tires came in I was more than anxious to put them on, but being smart, I waited until we had a good first snowfall to try them out. This winter Im rocking the Gerneral Altimax Arctic’s, which when studded, and combined with quattro theres definetly no messing around in the winter wonderland in which I live for 8 months of the year. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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