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VW Rolls Out New Ad Campaign

19 Apr

With some poor reviews of the latest Jetta release, VW is definitely trying to step up their game. So maybe a little comical advertising will help, hey if Bill Hader is in it, its bound to be funny right? And incase you thought I was going to say no, your wrong, yes, yes this is some quite hilarious stuff. So check out the latest series of ad’s from Volkswagen.

More Great Car Ads

10 Apr

Automakers produce some of the most innovative and enjoyable advertisements in the industry. Whether its making us feel good about life, our car, or anything inbetween, these ads all portray a lifestyle. It’s that lifestyle you associate with, look up to, and want, not necessarily the car itself. It’s with that little trick that marketing agencies around the world target us. Our brains by default connect the shortest path to a destination, we think that maybe if we buy this car, we can have that lifestyle. Even if we know that is not the case, we like to think that owning that car could help propel us on the path to achieving our dreams. This is a very difficult urge to supress, but one must take advertisements with a grain of salt.  Either way, if you can maintain your ability to make good decisions, you should be able to enjoy the ads nonetheless. Below is a sample of some more favorites of mine.

2×4 Missile

6 Apr

Maybe its just me, but every once and a while when driving behind a truck I wonder what if something fell off. Its usually just rocks that chip our windsheilds and give our front ends that freshly sand blasted look. But what if a set of chains fell off from behind a big rig cab, what about a peice of steel left on the flatbed, a wrench of tool left behind or in the case of the woman below, a 2×4.

Watch the video.

You can watch them discuss it on American Morning here:


15 Feb


When you’re parking your car in a tight space, 2 things help. A small car, and a little ingenuity.

If you lack both of those, and if you have no driving skills, parking proves to be more difficult.

Electric and Compacts: They Are Here

1 Nov

So maybe you’ve noticed them on the streets already, or maybe your city has been plastered with billboards of them, there’s no denying, a new era of the automobile has arrived. Who ever believes that all North Americans drive hummers and other excessively large SUV’s is still living that 2002 generalisation. It was hardly true then, and its definitely not true now, its 2010! Let it go.

North American society is ready for the change, then again, it always was. Because after all, nobody wants to intentionally damage the environment, they just never had the opportunity for change. It is evident the worlds auto manufacturers have built it, and yes the people, they are coming.

It appears that things are fast changing, the streets are filled with the likes of Juke’s, Cubes, and Mini’s. And the CRZ’s, Leaf’s, Cruze’s, and Volt’s are on the way. It’s true, insanely small engine, hybrid, diesel, or full electric cars are fast replacing the fleets of models that ruled the streets before. And they’ve come with a variety of entertaining media campaigns!

Revenge of the Fallen: Chevy Premiere Vehicles

13 Jun

Adding into my recent post about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I thought I would share the GM lineup to be premiered in the movie.

As most of us know, GM was a huge sponsor for the first Transformers, and vehichles such as the Pontiac Solstice, GMC Top Kick, and of course the all new Chevrolet Camaro were featured in the film. GM forsees no change of pace with its Transformers exposure, and you can expect some new vehicles to be again premiered in ‘Revenge of the Fallen’.

Featured in the second installation of Transformers we will see the Chevrolet ‘Beat’ and ‘Trax’ compact concept cars, the concept ‘Stingray’ Corvette, and of course Bumble Bee is still the new Camaro. Most notibly though, Chevrolet will introduce the ‘Volt’, the all electric car that Chevrolet hopes to guide its new shift into building smarter more efficient vehicles. The Volt can travel 40 miles on a single charge using only electricity, and can be charged on a standard 120V outlet.

You can expect to see some of Volt’s features to be boasted in the movie as well.

So when you go see the film, keep an eye out for all these vehicles!

Environmental Consciousness: Have we reached the turning point?

4 Jun

It’s hard to imagine any sudden changes in our lives, our current lifestyle seems sufficient, we cannot predict the future, the lifestyle of tomorrow seems attainable only by future generations. But what if we as a society, were to witness a change in the way we live and function. What if that distant lifestyle of the future, was not so far away, and all we needed to do, was open our eyes to the events that are changing this world. Is that tipping point that separates the world of yesterday and with the world of tomorrow occuring right now?

On June 1, 2009, GM (General Motors) filed for bankrupcy. Rumors of its happening floated around ever since the auto crunch emerged soon after the recession started back in 2007. For years GM seemed in a losing battle with forgeign automakers such as Toyota and Honda, and it also faced stiff competion at home with Ford and Chrysler. GM had introduced its share of big misses when it came to model releases (remember the Aztec?). But cracking the north american consumer psyche and their opinions of american cars has proven to be the most difficult task. For 78 years GM has been the largest automaker, they were even the first automaker to introduce the electric car in 1996, 13 years ago. But GM dropped the electric car, and put its focus and its capital into squeezing out the success of its current models, and in the last 5 years it lost the battle in terms of changing its perception to the american public, and fell behind in inovation. GM is now bankrupt.

GM will not disapear into the history books, it may leave behind its past, but the future is GM’s new concern. And if they play their cards right the future looks bright.

Will we too leave behind our past, the way we think, the way we live? Are we ready for that step into tomorrow? On Tuesday, ABC aired a new special called ‘Earth 2100’ hosted by Bob Woodruff. This special put a very real spin on global warming and its affects.


This was an animated story of a fictional girl named Lucy, born June 2, 2009, and during Lucy’s lifetime, the end of civilization as we know it could become very real. Experts predict that we could face a grim world within a century, unless we make a change.

Interesting video segments on this program:

Are programs such as these tugging at the strings of our realization of change? Maybe a global downturn was just what this world needed for change. Just like GM, is this our chance to reinvent the way we think? We are in a new age, clean energy is not only possible its happening, a car with zero emissions is possible. People all over the world are working every day to come up with new technology, governments have the capacity for change, and we as society have the capability to change the way we live. Only together, every country working towards advancement, can we make these changes possible. The struggles of the world during these times will force us to rise up more efficent, and smarter than before.

So in a hundred years from now, will we look back and say that after the global recession that started in 2007, our society changed for the better?