The Man from Nowhere

24 Mar

With the huge amount of pop culture streaming out of South Korea comes one particular film which pushes the boundaries of quality movie making, especially from a foreign market. ‘The Man From Nowhere’ is a 2010 film which is just now hitting North American markets with the DVD release.

The film follows Cha Tae-sik, a quiet guy living a low key lifestyle in Korea. One of the only people he communicates with is a small girl named So-mee, who visits his small pawn shop regularily. This simple relationship is the anchor for the series of events that unfolds when both their lives are thrown in turmoil.

This action film closely resembles the likes of ‘Man on fire’ or ‘Taken’ with one persons determination to do anything to save a loved one. Not in the traditional 90 minute hollywood length category, the longer timeframe allows for a more indepth character development which allows the kind of attachment and feelings required to pull you in. Action scenes abound as an underground world of drugs and black market organ trade is revealed, and even with the 2 hour length, theres hardly a moment when you are wondering when it will end.

So check it out, you will not be dissapointed.

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