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Starbucks Evolution: The New Logo

6 Jan

Big news for $5.00 coffee lovers, Starbucks is changing their iconic siren logo. You can read about it on Starbucks Official Site, or read some of the comment battles going on at CNN with their Just In Series. But despite the enormous controversy erupting among die-hard Starbucks fans, the logo is hardly ground breaking. I mean all they really did was remove the company name circling the iconic siren beauty. Wait, is taking your company name off your products a smart idea? Either way, it looks pretty much the same in my opinion.

That mermaid-ish creature that is the ‘Siren’ you see in the logo dates back to 16th century Norse wood carvings according to the Starbucks webpage. She was chosen as the logo to represent the beginnings of Starbucks back in 1971 when it was starting its empire in Seattle. Needless to say, she’s been with the company since day one, so it is good to see that she stays with the company into the new year as well.

However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my few years in this world, it’s that people generally as a whole hate change. Nobody likes change, once we are used to something it’s so difficult to break away from it, this is especially true among the products we purchase. It’s the main reason that those products we got hooked on as kids have barely changed their branding logo’s, so that years later, we wander down the cereal aisle, and can still find our box of Cheerios, or jar of Nutella. I am impartial to the changing of something as simple as the Starbucks logo, but I am not everyone. Maybe it is wise for Starbucks to keep the majority happy, and maintain their previous logo.

Either way, only time will tell what is to come of Starbucks new branding, as this is not temporary, having officially released the new yesterday January 5, 2011. However the cups look, that ridiculously expensive coffee will still be available so for those of you crying about the logo change, don’t be too upset, people will still know your drinking a Starbucks when you walk down the street clasping it in both hands. The siren lives on.