The Beauty of Time Lapse

29 Sep

I was recently introduced to 2 videos from 2 friends, and I thought they were so good that I was obligated to share them. One video documents Hong Kong, and was shown to me by a friend there, the other is of Mexico City, and was shown to me by a friend who is from there as well. They both deal alot with time lapse, which is quickly becoming a favorite technique of mine, and these works only further inspire me. I think they are well put together, much props to the creators who took so much time to do them, check them out below!

Both are on Vimeo, so check them out here: Hong Kong, Mexico City.

3 Responses to “The Beauty of Time Lapse”

  1. Daniel Byrne October 8, 2010 at 10:41 am #

    I love Time lapse photography as well, unfortunately i don’t want to invest in a new shutter anytime soon…50000 quality actuations is the rating on my camera and after only a few tests videos i realized it would not take long to get there.

    I liked the hong kong video the best… its too bad that it wasn’t done with a real tilt shift lens though there were a few distracting scenes where you could tell it was post processed.

  2. fivepuddles October 8, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

    So after 50000 you need a new shutter? I am already looking at the possibility of a new body, so might as well get as much use out of my 500d as possible.

    Ive been looking into a tilt shift, 90mm maybe, but 1200 is quite a lot!

    • Daniel Byrne October 8, 2010 at 1:26 pm #

      Technically the shutter is rated to last for 150000 actuations and many people have taken them well passed that…but you need to take very good care of the camera. What i read is that the first 50000 will be spot on accurate and then will tend to lag a bit a over expose….not by much and it is probably workable in Photoshop or you set your EV accordingly..I don;t think the shutter would stop working at 150000, but i have read about replacing it for like 400 to 500 bucks.

      If you really want to figure out if the 1200 is an investment you want to make, go to Vistek and rent one on a friday afternoon, if you pick it up after 4 you get it for the whole weekend for the price of one day!

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