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Milk Tea

29 May

If you havent had the chance to taste this refreshing and delicious drink, you have definetly been missing out. Milk Tea dates back to the british colonial days in Hong Kong, where afternoon tea was modified into the present day beverage. Milk Tea, and its Iced Milk Tea sister are widely popular through-out asia, but have yet to grab hold in western culture. As such, I have always had trouble finding it whenever I returned home, which brings me to today’s blog entry, ‘How to Make Milk Tea!’. I had some much needed help from my friend Joey in HK when first making it, so much props go out to her!

Luckily Milk Tea is really easy to make, and needs only a few ingredients.  There are two items you need to pick up from the grocery store, the first is Liptions Yellow Label Black Tea, I find this tea gives me the best taste that reminds me of Hong Kong, although you can use any black tea. The second ingredient is either condensed milk, or evaporated milk, you can find these in the baking section usually.

Making it is easy, start out by putting a pot of water on the stove, then add at least 2 tea bags, and let the water boil. You need the tea to be strong, so leave the bags in for a long time, getting a rich tea smell.

Once the tea is ready, I use condensed milk, and add a few spoonfuls to the pot, slowly stirring it up until its a light creamy color. Condesnsed milk is sweet already, but if your using evaporated milk you will need to add sugar. I add a little sugar to mine regardless.

You have now just made hot milk tea, you could pour yourself a cup, but I prefer iced milk tea, so you have a couple options, you can fill a glass with ice, and pour the tea into the glass, or you can chill the entire pot of tea. I usually chose to chill it all, as icecubes tend to dilute the flavour.

Once cold, pour yourself a smooth creamy glass of iced milk tea, and enjoy!