BBQ Trout: The Easy Way

17 May

The health benefits of eating fish is not breaking news. White flesh fish contains less fat than any other animal protein, and oily fish is especially good for you as it contains that key component; omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient which is essential for our health.

With that in mind, I thought it was a good time to do a blog about a recent bbq meal I did. I recently brought back a lake trout from the great slave lake when I was last in Yelloknife, Canada for work. And this fresh fish was just begging to be cooked up with a delicious meal.

Since it really feels like summer these days I thought what better way to cook it than on the BBQ, and so along with a friend, we prepared a fast tasty meal all on the BBQ again. Heres what we did:

For this meal I cooked the fish whole, head, tail you name it. I started out by gutting the fish, you do this by slicing the belly open from the anus up to the head, and removing the inside ‘unwanted’ parts. I then rinsed the fish inside and out with cold running water, dont forget this step. After the fish was rinsed, I prepared a double layer of tinfoil on the counter, and poured some olive oil on it, spreading it around evenly to accomadate the size of the fish. I then layed the trout down on the foil, and begin using olive oil to coat the inside of the fish and a little on the outside as well. Once oiled, fresh lemon slices were places evenly inside the cavity of the fish. Sprinkle parsley, salt, and pepper, and a squeeze of more lemon juice over the whole fish, and you my friend are pretty much done. Wrap the whole fish up with tinfoil and place in the fridge while you prepare the other components of your meal.

For us we decided to cook stuffed peppers, a really easy and tasty sidekick to any meal. For these I simply use half red peppers, and fill them with preseasoned goat cheese, setting them aside, we prepared our potatoes. Slicing up the potatoes, adding parsley, pepper, and onions we then sealed up the potatoes in foil as well. You should now have the BBQ warming up.

Place your potatoes on the grill first, these will take the longest. Next is the fish, pull it out of the fridge and carefully set it onto the grill. Cooking time for the fish all depends on the size and heat, I used medium heat and it took roughly 25 minutes to cook the trout.

Check your potatoes, and if they are close to being cooked, you can now put your stuffed peppers on the grill, simply lay them all on face up and let them cook until the cheese begins to melt. Start pulling all your food off the BBQ, and open up that fish, it should really be smelling good now. Serving the fish is easy, if cooked right the flesh will just fall off the bones, start dishing out peices of fish, potatoes, and your stuffed peppers, serve with a fresh garden salad and thats it, another tasty and healthy meal!

Make yourself a ceasar to go with, and eat out in the backyard, bliss…

One Response to “BBQ Trout: The Easy Way”

  1. Ling May 18, 2010 at 2:09 am #

    I wouldn’t be begging to be cooked up if i were the fish 😛

    really want to have a try!

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