Touchdown: Shanghai Jan 8/2010

31 Mar

Sitting on a bench, looking out across a maze of buildings, with only a thin layer of glass between myself, and the drop of 94 stories to ground level. Im enjoying the amazing views across the city from the top of the SWFC building; hovering above the once great 88 story Jin Mao tower. Soon even this building will be surpassed in size, with construction of a 128 story tower nearby. This is Shanghai, and this is the effects of a rapidly modernizing country.

Back across the ocean, another long haul flight from Vancouver, just a few days in Shanghai to explore. The city is buzzing with construction as it spruces itself up for Expo 2010. I am here on the beginning of a 10 week trip, our goal is to reach southern India, travelling only by land, but for now we absorb our current surroundings. East Nanjing Road wanderings, Taxi Cab adventures, construction hopping through the Bund, tasty food in Old Town, and catching an acrobat show, its a massive city with much to do.

I pause to admire the view again, resting my legs from a hard day of walking through the city..

One Response to “Touchdown: Shanghai Jan 8/2010”

  1. Ling April 7, 2010 at 3:26 am #

    i shall take you to Huaihai Road next time!

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