On Top: Burj Dubai

3 Jan

The worlds tallest building is finally complete, and it’s official inaugeration takes place tomorrow. The Burj Dubai is one of many attempts to put the UAE and Dubai in the world spotlight, but probably its most notable. Total height of the tower was kept somewhat secret during its construction, but it was hinted it would be over 600m. We now know the official height of the tower is 818m or 2684 ft tall. That puts it ahead of the previous tallest building record holder, the Tapai 101 in Taewon, and beating out the tallest structure in the world, the Warsaw Radio Mast.

The Burj has set a handful of new records as well including tallest freestanding structure, building with the most floors at 160, not only the tallest but the fastest elevators at speeds up to 64km/hr, and the highest outdoor observation deck to name a few. The tower was built by South Korean company Samsung Engineering and Construction, even through a rocky recession in 2009. Dubai was one of the biggest real estate bubbles in the world, and was not impervious to the effects of a global recession, but the tower was still completed.

But will the Burj Dubai stay number one? Probably not for long, in the quest to one up, there is already talk of the Al Burj tower with heights of over 1200m. But for now, enjoy the Burj Dubai, and take a look at some of these youtube videos, pretty amazing.

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