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The Door to Door Salesman

3 Dec

It seems the legacy of a door to door salesman lives on. Many assume this type of sales tactic was a relic from the 1950’s, but I assure you those people are wrong. This method of sales is alive and well, especially if you live in suburbia.

For some reason these sales people shy away from inner city apartment blocks and neighborhoods, but instead stick to the same location where they have been successful for the last 60 years; the suburbs. Now I’ll admit I don’t live in a condo in the city, I do live in a house on the outskirts of a large city, and my lcoation would classify as the suburbs. Why does this sales tactic focus in on suburban north america. Is it because they assume that people in the suburbs have more money? Is it that because suburbanites live on the outskirts that one would assume that the convienience of having a salesman come right to your door is an attractive offer? Well whatever the reason, it obviously is working, otherwise the salesman would of been long gone. Maybe people in the suburbs appear to be easy targets, not yet toughened up to aggressive sales tactics like the residents in the city.

I bring this topic up, because today  had a salesperson knocking on my door. Now for those of you who dont know these types, as soon as you open the door, they will quickly spit out a phrase like “Don’t worry I’m not here to change your religion or sell you anything!” or something along those lines. And 99% of the time that initial statement is 100% bullshit, because if you do decide to listen on, somewhere along the line, they will request some sort of money for service or product transaction or infact try to change your religion.

Now I consider myself extremely friendly to strangers, and I usually let them introduce themselves, and will somehow joke with them about the weather and let them know Im not really intersted. As opposed to just slamming the door in their face, as most do. But today when I kindly declined the service, I recieved a dirty look and a cold shoulder as the person walked away mid sentence of me informing him of my lack of interest. I thought, how ironic, you come to my door, and try to sell me something at my home, a place where I have no desire to be buying things, and I politely turn you away and you treat me like that? I found it incredibly rude, haha.

Maybe that is my lesson for today, and maybe the next salesperson will be met with a few choice words, and a slam of the door. I truly do hope people stop buying from these types, so that eventually companies will see this is a rather intrusive method of sales, and is not appreciated, and that it will someday cease to exist. But I doubt that will ever happen..

Possibilities – A Film Short

2 Dec

Having been away from the blog for a few days, I do have a worthy excuse. I have been a little preoccupied making a short movie. With the upcoming trip, I was inspired to express the feeling one gets when you transform a dream into reality. It is something new for me, dabbling in the realm of film shorts. This one is just over 3 minutes, and took about an hour to film, and a few hours to edit, not inlcluding time to think of ideas. It’s called ‘Possibilities’, and would love to hear some feedback, check it out on youtube below.

I did all the shooting in HD using my Canon T1i/500d, equiped with a EF 1:1.8 II lens.