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18 Dec

So I thought I’d title this blog entry with a simple name, just a day of the week. But yesterday was not just any Thursday, nope yesterday was a Thursday that went nothing like I had predicted.

This Thursday was one that occured on December 17, and I started it still not asleep from Wednesday. It was nearly 1am and I was in my house still not yet in bed. I quickly realized that staying up any later was of no benefit to myself, so I tried to get some sleep before a 4:15am rise. Thursday was the day some friends and I were going Snowboarding at Marmot Basin!

Waking up in the dark, I scrambled a couple eggs and had a bite to eat before heading out into the crisp morning. Although it was cold, it was finally in the -15 to -20 degrees celcius range, a much needed releif from the last 2 weeks of -35 to -40 degrees celcius. After a few pickups, 5 of us were in the SUV and headed west towards Jasper. All of us had done this trip before, this was my 3rd time this season. It takes roughly 4 hours to drive to Jasper from Edmonton, and we started to drive up the mountain to Marmot Basin.

It was good to be strapped back into my bindings, cruising down the mountain in the morning, the sun was out, and it was warm. The snow was fresh, a small layer of powder ontop of a crunchy groomed base, not like the powder session I had last time, but still great to ride on. Every ski or snowboard enthusiast knows, that once you’re on in the snow, with an amazing view over the mountains, doing what you love, everything else fades away. You forget the long drive, the slippery roads, the lack of sleep you had the night before, at that moment, you’re just riding.

But on our 5th run down the mountain, 3 of us stopped to look back at where the other 2 were. Standard protocal when your friends are behind; hold up, sit in the snow and chat a little and eventually you’ll see them coming down the slopes. But when the other 2 didnt show up for a while, we were wondering what had happened. A passing skier asked us if we were waiting on a girl in a pink toque, and when we said yes, she said that she was laying down with ski patrol further up. We unstrapped our bindings and immediately started hiking up the mountain a little ways to where our friend was down. She had taken a fall and landed wrong on her arm and was in a lot of pain, luckily our other friend was with her, and went to get help. It didnt take long before the medic showed up, and she was placed into the sled and taken down the mountain. She was going to the hospital, and the ambulance was waiting when we got down.

So very quickly this Thursday turned into something completely different than any of us expected. A ride in an ambulance down the mountain, and hours in the hospital later, our friend turned out to have a dislocated elbow. Luckily the doctors were fairly quick to reset her elbow, and hand our friend back over all drugged up and in pain, but ready to go home.

We took our time driving back to Edmonton. And got into town close to 11pm, but the day was not over yet. Since our friend lived on her own, 2 of us agreed to stay with her for the night, something the doctor recommended due to her condition and the drugs they had given her. So after getting all her gear into the condo, we went to pick up her car which was parked at another friends house, and were back to spend the night. That was yesterday now, it makes alot of things difficult with one arm; driving a standard car, cooking breakfast etc. So we’re doing our best to lend a hand. It will be weeks until shes feeling close to normal again.

To me it’s still Thursday, one long unexpected Thursday.