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Flying News: Boeing and George Clooney in the News

15 Dec

So if your browsing the headlines today you’ll come across a couple articles with a common theme; flight. First off, today is a big day for Chicago based airplane manufacturer Boeing. Today is the day that the companies newest plane the 787 Dreamliner took its maiden test flight over the skies of Everett, Washington. Boeing hasn’t released a new plane in over ten years, and while their biggest competitor went for big, with the Airbus A380, Boeing which revolutionized the large aircraft market with the 747 long ago, is shifting its focus to smaller, but more efficient flying. The Dreamliner is designed with mostly composite materials which make it lighter, and capable of flying longer distances. With capacities of 210-330 passengers, its aiming for the point to point long distance flight market. Not surprisingly, carriers such as Air Canada will be one of Boeing’s biggest customers, the airline struggles to fill its large aircraft on long flights between major Canadian cities, and has already ordered 37 of the aircraft priced at $150 million US each. .

The new dreamliner has seen delay after delay pushing back its original expected release two years ago, giving european manufacturer Airbus an advantage to creep into its markets. But the new Dreamliner should bring some fresh competition to the industry with new features like lower pressure and higher humidity in the cabin which is supposed to reduce jetlag. But don’t expect to be boarding one at the airport anytime soon still, the 787 Dreamliner wont be doing commercial flights until at least 2011.

Also in headlines is Globe buzz about George Clooney’s new movie ‘Up in the Air’. The movie follows a business man who flys more than most people ever will in their life, flying 350000 miles last year alone and pushing up to the 10 million miles mark. But can you slow down somebody who is always on the move? Even when we are surrounded by people can we still be lonely? When you run into the love of your life, do you stay grounded, or keey flying? These are questions the movie focuses on. There are a couple trailers for this movie, one with a very good monologue, check it out here: