Quick & Easy Meal: Honey-Soy Pine Nut Pork

12 Dec

Love to cook or maybe you hate to cook, doesnt matter today it’s a cooking blog entry!  If your a busy person its nice to be able to make a meal thats delicious, healthy and fast. Heres a dish that I just made this evening that really is very quick to make and really only required a few ingredients. Ive included some photos I took during the process as well just to help with the visual aspect.

First, what you’ll need. Please note I never use actual measurement when I cook, so Im not about to list them in a recipe, haha!

Boneless Pork

Nuts or Seeds (I used Pine Nuts I had left over from a previous dish, you can use sesame seeds or any type of nut)


Vegetable Oil

Soy Sauce

Green Beans (Or any vegetable, be creative, that’s what cooking is about!)

Rice or Noodles

First, you’ll need to take the nuts that you have chosen, in my case the pine nuts, and crush them into a coarse consistency. If you have a mortar and pestle, this could be a great time to actually use it, or just use the back end of a spoon, crushing the nuts in a medium sized bowl. If your using something small like sesame seeds, skip this step, just put them directly into the bowl.

Once you’ve got that finished, go ahead and pour equal amounts of dark soy sauce, oil, and honey into a mixing bowl. If you only have creamed honey, just heat some up in the microwave to liquify it. Stir that concoction up well, getting it to a nice consistancy and then set that bowl aside, after a quick taste of course, go ahead, its good.

Now hopefully you have thawed your pork, or if you always buy your meat fresh, your good to go. Slice that pork up into fairly small pieces, something a bite or two in size. As soon as you are finished, go ahead and toss all the pork into your bowl of oil-soy-honey marinade. Stir that up, making sure all the pieces of pork are completely coated. Let that sit for a minute and absorb the flavor.

Now is a good time to get some rice or noodles cooking, I also cooked up the green beans at this time. Turn your stovetop on medium heat, and get your skillet or frying pan ready. Pour some oil in there and set it on the burner. Have your bowl of marinated pork ready to go, along with your bowl of crushed nuts or seeds. Now here comes the fun part, pull out the peices of pork one by one and lay them flat in the crushed nuts, flip it over to cover both sides, this coating is going to give the pork a tasty crunch. Repeat this process with each piece of pork, laying them in the pan ensuring not to splash hot oil on yourself.

With all your pork in the pan, let it cook for a good few minutes, turning the pieces over so they are cooked and browning on both sides. You don’t want to overcook your pork, it will give it a tough texture, a common mistake by many.

Your almost done! Prepare a bed of the rice or noodles in a bowl, and once your pork is cooked, start laying some pieces ontop of the bed of rice or noodles.

From here I quickly sauteed my green beans in the same pan that I cooked the pork in, making good use of the rest of that flavor. I then scooped some beans ontop of the pork and rice.

And that’s it, your done! Garnesh that dish with some fresh herbs if you’ve got them, some coriander would go well. Grab your chopsticks, or fork if your chopstick inept, and dig in. Its a healthy and tasty meal that should only take you 15 minutes to make. Be sure to cook up a little extra for tomorrow incase you don’t have time to cook!

One Response to “Quick & Easy Meal: Honey-Soy Pine Nut Pork”

  1. kseverny December 12, 2009 at 10:49 am #

    thats pretty cool

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