Battle of the Smart Phones

9 Dec

A battle is brewing between two technological devices, and as the 2009 Christmas season creeps up, things are only getting uglier. With Apple recently holding top position among smart phone sales with its iPhone, and with the new release of the iPhone 3GS, one may wonder if there is any competition out there. Well there is, and one of the leaders in the field of competition is the Motorola Droid from Verizon Wireless.

Watch tv for any length of time and you can see tension between AT&T which carries iPhone, and Verizon Wireless which carries the Droid. With wireless coverage slams left and right, to the newly “private” commercial Verizon put out portraying the iPhone as a pretty phone that only somebody in a beauty pagent would want. That commercial seems tough to view anywhere on the internet, due to recent articles about it, and the negative feedback. Nothing new for Apple as it’s entire ad campaign since its popularity the last few years has focused on competitor bashing.

Droid does have a very hefty arsenal when put up to the Apple empire. The iPhone has more apps, but the Droid has Google’s Android marketplace with plenty of applications, most of which are free. The Droid also boasts supierior navigation capabilities when compared to the 3GS. The Droid has a very customizable interface, and also boasts a removable battery, which is one of the first things to go in any phone. Another perk for the Droid is that in addition to the full touch screen it also packs a full QWERTY slide out keypad making for much faster texting and browsing.

Crunching some numbers, both phones have 16GB of storage space. The Droid has 6.4 hours of 3G talk time compared to iPhones 5 hours. Droid has 5.0MP camera, iPhone has 3.0MP. iPhone has over 93000 apps, Droid has 10000. Droid has multitasking capability, iPhone does not. Both phones sport accelerometers. Droid has a 3.7″ screen with more pixels than iPhones 3.5″ screen. The iPhone does sport the pinch-to-zoom function where as the Droid does not. And the sad truth is that if your in the United States, Verizons network coverage is significantly better than AT&T’s.

So it comes down to what you want from your phone. The biggest thing going for Apple is it’s reputation, even with a lesser product if you can convince people to buy it, you’ll win in sales. This is something Apple has excelled at. Maybe we will actually see some competition for the iPhone come 2010. Afterall a little competition is healthy.

I very good review of each phone running side by side through browser speed tests and functionality can be found here:

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