Update November 17, 2009.

17 Nov

After a busy weekend, I am back to the old blogging block. Friday saw drinks and appetizers on the south side, and some late night Call of Duty MW2 action. Saturday was a busy day, was at west edmonton mall with a few friends, my friend had to pick some essentials up for the coming trip in January, did a little Christmas shopping on the side, said hello to my sister in law, and we even made it through the throngs of tweens screaming at the Twilight Stars at the ice palace. That evening we wandered over to downtown for dinner, moving over to the bar for some sake bombs.

Sunday was road trip day, I slept a mere 2 hours Saturday night, and was in a car bound for a 4 hour drive to Jasper, our destination: the Snow Covered Peaks of Marmot Basin. In total there was about 9 of us, first snowboarding session of the year. It was awesome, except for the fact that during my switch riding attempts I took a good crash right on my ass, and could barely move the rest of the day. We made it home after a long day. And I plan to get some photos and possibly a video up of the events that day.

I’m working on an another post in my head, so for now, take care!

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