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Edmonton in Time Lapse

13 Nov

So over the last 2 weeks, when the sun goes down, I have had a little habit of heading outside with my new Canon T1i. My roomate would ask, where are you going so late? I’d reply to shoot some time lapse of course, and close the door.

Time lapse is something fairly new to me, so I’m experimenting with it. Armed with a backpack, tripod, timer, camera, bottle of water, a book, and an iPod, I venture out into the dark to find interesting, sometimes obscure locations to shoot from. Heres a couple photos from my most recent shoot as well.

I finally got around to putting a bunch of clips together from my shooting, threw some what I thought to be fitting music ontop, and let her rip. So here is my first sample, let me know what you think and rate and comment if your on youtube!