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The Pacific, and Avatar

12 Nov

On remembrance day yesterday I caught a glimpse of a commercial showing a new mini series created by Tim Hanks and Steven Spielberg. After some research, I discovered that this new mini series is known as ‘The Pacific’ which will be playing on HBO. Taking place in WW2 focusing on the war effort in pacific ocean, Im looking forward to see if it will be on par with the Band of Brother series HBO did years ago. Check out the trailer:

Another movie Im actually interested in seeing is one called ‘Avatar’. Every 5 years or so James Cameron comes out with an epic movie, Terminator, Aliens, Titanic, ring a bell? Well this newist movie is set to hit the big screen December 18, 2009. So if you like movies about humans exploring new planets and being engaged in epic battles with aliens, it is a must see! Check the trailers:

A Day to Remember

12 Nov

It is 11:52pm November 11, 2009 as I start writing this, its still remembrance day in Canada. And on a day when it seems fewer and fewer people realize why its a national holiday, I thought it was fitting for a post about remembrance day.

This is most importantly a day to remember so many people who have fought for our freedoms in this country, the freedoms we take for granted sometimes. The world wars, and so many others shaped the 20th century, but also shaped our lives. Many young adults in my generation have grandparents who were somehow involved in WW2, this is a legacy that lives on especially on this day. For it was through the efforts of great men and women before us that we are able to live our lives how we choose, in a country full of opportunities.

We must not also forget that the world is not perfect, and there are still battles to be fought, in many forms. There is an increasing threat to our way of life, to your way of life. For there are those that do not believe in democracy, in freedom of speech, or even in the rights of individuals. The threat is real, whether we choose to ignore that fact and go through each day trying to put the thought out of minds, it will still exist.

But just as in the past, today we have heroes as well, those heroes fight not on the beaches of Normandy, in the forests of France or in the streets of Berlin, they fight in places such as Helmand Province, in cities like Kandahar, and Kabul. This is the new battleground for so many in the Canadian Forces, each day as we live our lives, there are young Canadians far away from home, defending our not only our values, but the rights and freedoms of individuals of those unable to protect themselves in those very places.

I read an article today from the Edmonton Journal which was very well written, and I think it deserves a read through on a day like today especially. Take the time to read that article here.

I hope you took a minute to think about all those in the forces past and present today, and maybe spurred some conversation as well. For it is our duty to never forget, and always remember.