Tim Burton: film maker from the dark side.

16 Oct

I believe we all have a dark side, a side that surfaces a little when we watch haunting movies and read scary literature. Fear is this human emotion that many of us suppress, but I think it’s healthy to do something that scares you once and a while. And what better time to do that than in this halloween season.

I just got my copy of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ on blu-ray, and thought I should do a little rant about Tim Burton. I’ve long been a fan of his works, although I had never seen the ‘Vincent’ short that he made in gasp…1982. Man that makes me feel old, that was damn near 30 years ago! But even then Tim Burton was doing his thing, and that thing is bringing a slightly dark side to the film industry. Breaking out of the norm with a more twisted perception on life with beautiful and touching stories, such as ‘Edward Scissorhands’ one of my personal fav’s.  

He is one of the most creative and influential story tellers of our generation in my opinion. Would you not agree?

Check out ‘Vincent’:

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