Japan’s Hard to find Wi-fi

10 Oct

When I went to Japan this summer, I decided to bring my laptop along with me. A rare move on my part as I typically bring a minimum amount luggage with me whenever I travel. But I figured that it was a short enough trip, and Japan is the land of creativity and technology, I assumed there would be free wi-fi pretty much everywhere.

I was so horribly wrong, I soon discovered that finding a public wi-fi was near impossible, coffee shops didn’t offer it, and I was lucky to find a hostel offering the service. For being surrounded in the latest technology Japanese are surprisingly not on the wi-fi bandwagon. And now according to CNN’s Go article, it might be even harder to get connected.

Researchers at Tokyo University claim to have invented a paint that can block wireless signals. So combine that with password protection and the search for internet will become even more challenging in Japan if the technology catches on.

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