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Fall is Here

3 Oct


I apologize for not posting in a while. I had been working for roughly 2 months straight up north. But recently returned home last week. My time up north for work is very different from my life at home, its a different life that most of my friends, or family do not know much about. This summer in 2009 I experienced more of northern Canada than the 5 years I have been working up there. I am grateful for being able to travel to places in the arctic and see things that few Canadians let alone anyone else ever get a chance to see. For those who are interested, I rather crudely put together some highlights in a short video. You can watch it on my youtube channel, or watch it here:

Its raining outside, and the weather is changing, summer has left us, and fall has taken over. Icy frost on your windshield at the break of dawn, the leaves blowing in the wind across the backyard, and halloween itching closer and closer with each day. So with raindrops stuck to my window on a chilly autumn evening, I decided it was a perfect moment to update my blog.

I have been working in my basement doing long awaited project work these last few days. And trying to enjoy every evening to the best of my ability. What a difference it is to sleep in your own bed after not being able to have that luxury for so long. Some of the many simple things in life that if you take the time to notice, you truly have to appreciate. I think this is going to be a good season, with a possible canoe trip in the works, and halloween just around the corner, and even talks of another journey on the other side of the world. Your life is defined by opportunities, even the ones that pass you by.