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A True Cordless World

13 Sep

So bluetooth has been around for a while, we’ve all gotten used to wireless routers, so whats the next step. No its not wireless earbud headphones that I am praying for. Well according to WiTricity, a technology company, its cordless electricity. No more laptop charging chords, cell phone chargers, dont bother plugging in the hybrid just park it in the garage, and we can forever be done with unsightly powerlines and disposable batteries. Well maybe not right away, but the technology is well on its way.

There are a variety of methods used by different companies, and some commercial applications are already in use. WiTricity ( converts eletricity into a magnetic field which is then radiated through the air. Some refining is needed, but advances are being made which means we could see applications for computers and cell phones within a year.

Another company known as Powercast from Pittsburgh used radiowaves to power an LED lightbult 1.5miles away from the power source. According to CNN: 

Now, Powercast’s technology is used in office buildings to power temperature sensors that regulate air conditioning systems and in other low-power applications. The company also has sold wireless artificial Christmas trees strung with LED lights for about $400, Ostaffe said.

But radio waves can’t transfer the larger amounts of electricity needed to power laptops or mobile phones, he said.

Magnetic technology seems to be the only currently available method of sending larger amounts of electricity. But reasearchers at MIT admitted there may be health risks associated with the technology. Apparantly the technology can produce magentic levels consistent with the density of the earths magnetic field.