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The Institute for Human Continuity

9 Sep

A Tsunami pummels over the Himalayas, and the world is in total chaos. Its December 21, 2012, the mayans long ago predicted the end of their calender on this date, and now their predictions rain true, the world is ending. If you’re concerned about the well being of yourself and your family, you are not alone. Luckily the governments around the world have prepared for this.

The Institute for Human Continuity is an organization keen on ensuring the survival of the human race beyong 2012. Launched over 30 years ago, they have strived endlesly for this event. Lucky for us, they have developed a lottery that gives all humans equal chances of survival past 2012. You may have noticed their recent TV Advertisements outlining this lottery, and more information can be obtained on their website:

But alas, if you believed the commercial, and everything you’ve read so far, you may be more gullible than you think. For the commercials and the website is marketing gimmick for the upcoming November 13 2009 movie: 2012. Some have questioned the marketing tactics of the film, but no one can deny that they are creating quite the buzz, just google 2012, IHC, or Institude for Human Continuity, and see the maze of people confused about the legitimacy of these advertisements.