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Ukraine Really Does have Talent

23 Sep

For North Americans, we may not be well informed about eastern european media. But Ukraine has its own “Ukraine’s Got Talent” show.  And although already a few months old, I thought it would never be to late to show the amazing talents of Kseniya Simonova. Her sand animation was featured on the show and may blow you away when you watch it. So take a look.

Sydney Plagued by Dust Storm

22 Sep


Karen from Dulwich Hill, in Sydney’s inner west, says she woke up to find the red dust had covered her floors and birds had been blown out of their nests.

“It did feel like Armageddon because when I was in the kitchen looking out the skylight, there was this red, red glow coming through,” she said.

According to witnesses reporting to ABC news in Australia today, its an eerie feeling of Armageddon sweeping across parts of New South Wales including Sydney. You can read the article here.

It is already September 23, 2009 in Australia, and residents in Sydney woke up to something quite surreal this morning when they took a look outside. A dust storm is currently covering the city and is expected to last for most of the day. With a rush of photos emerging on facebook, blogs, and media websites currently, the city looks more like images from mars than the sunny coastal city that most people know Sydney to be.

Winds up to 100km/hr have been pushing red dust from inland Australia to the east coast, blanketing the city in a redish tinge. There has been a spike in calls for emergency services from people with breathing difficulties, ferries have been disrupted and international flights  being cancelled and diverted is causing chaos for passengers. The storm is only expected to get worse, with current winds in the city at 60km/hr but expected to gust up to 100km/hr later in the day.

And exclusive to are some photos taken recently in Sydney. Thanks to my friend Teall for these.

A True Cordless World

13 Sep

So bluetooth has been around for a while, we’ve all gotten used to wireless routers, so whats the next step. No its not wireless earbud headphones that I am praying for. Well according to WiTricity, a technology company, its cordless electricity. No more laptop charging chords, cell phone chargers, dont bother plugging in the hybrid just park it in the garage, and we can forever be done with unsightly powerlines and disposable batteries. Well maybe not right away, but the technology is well on its way.

There are a variety of methods used by different companies, and some commercial applications are already in use. WiTricity ( converts eletricity into a magnetic field which is then radiated through the air. Some refining is needed, but advances are being made which means we could see applications for computers and cell phones within a year.

Another company known as Powercast from Pittsburgh used radiowaves to power an LED lightbult 1.5miles away from the power source. According to CNN: 

Now, Powercast’s technology is used in office buildings to power temperature sensors that regulate air conditioning systems and in other low-power applications. The company also has sold wireless artificial Christmas trees strung with LED lights for about $400, Ostaffe said.

But radio waves can’t transfer the larger amounts of electricity needed to power laptops or mobile phones, he said.

Magnetic technology seems to be the only currently available method of sending larger amounts of electricity. But reasearchers at MIT admitted there may be health risks associated with the technology. Apparantly the technology can produce magentic levels consistent with the density of the earths magnetic field.


The Institute for Human Continuity

9 Sep

A Tsunami pummels over the Himalayas, and the world is in total chaos. Its December 21, 2012, the mayans long ago predicted the end of their calender on this date, and now their predictions rain true, the world is ending. If you’re concerned about the well being of yourself and your family, you are not alone. Luckily the governments around the world have prepared for this.

The Institute for Human Continuity is an organization keen on ensuring the survival of the human race beyong 2012. Launched over 30 years ago, they have strived endlesly for this event. Lucky for us, they have developed a lottery that gives all humans equal chances of survival past 2012. You may have noticed their recent TV Advertisements outlining this lottery, and more information can be obtained on their website:

But alas, if you believed the commercial, and everything you’ve read so far, you may be more gullible than you think. For the commercials and the website is marketing gimmick for the upcoming November 13 2009 movie: 2012. Some have questioned the marketing tactics of the film, but no one can deny that they are creating quite the buzz, just google 2012, IHC, or Institude for Human Continuity, and see the maze of people confused about the legitimacy of these advertisements.

WWF 911 Ad Stirs Controversy

2 Sep

Making waves across the advertising and blog world, is this advertisement dawning the WWF Logo.


The title reads: “The tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11. The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Preserve it.” The ad first starting becoming well known when it won the best of 2009 award at, which apparantly promotoes excellence in advertising.

But World Wildlife Fund is rejecting the ad, saying it was released without authorization by the Brazilian Ad agency DDB Brazil (

The ad is no longer found on, it was pulled down. And with good reason, exploiting the pain surrounding the events of September 11 to promote awareness is not cool. Especially so close to the 8th anniversary of the tragedy, this ad was not just too soon, there will never be a timeframe to support such distastefulness…

I hope theres a few people involved with this advertisement kicking themselves over this…