Giant Jellyfish: The Invasion!

19 Jul

Sounds like a cheesy horror flick, but fake this is not.

Nomura Jellyfish can grow up to 2m in diameter and weigh 220kg, making them one of the largest in the oceans. Habitat is primarily located in the waters between Japan and China in the Yellow and East China Sea. So whats the story with these things? Well the population of these jellyfish has been exploding, with problematic bursts in the last few years. Large groups of these jellyfish drift towards Japan and can wreak havoc on the fishing industry in Japan, destroying nets and causing real economic damage to Japan’s communities which rely on fishing as their primary industry.

2005 and 2007 saw large numbers of the Nomura drift into Japanese waters, and this summer they are gathering for another invasion of Japan, with sightings in the Sea of Japan recently.

Check the article:

It is not clear what is causing the population explosion of these jellyfish, ideas range from increased nutrients from China’s agriculture and hydro industry being leaked into the coastal water, overfishing of predator species, and increasing ocean temperatures.

Being a diver myself, I have yet to encounter one of these, and I’m not so sure I want to. The whole scenario sounds like a great idea for another Monster vs Japan flick, in some long awaited sequal to the Godzilla days.

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