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Edmonton Police Services launches Crime Map.

17 Jul

In the news recently was the launch of the Edmonton Police Services crime mapping tool. This tool utlilizes the google maps application, and is a much needed technological advancement in crime prevention for a city such as Edmonton.

I first read about it in the Edmonton Journal, you can read the article here.

Users can goto and select the neighborhood they want to search, you can even select the types of crimes you want displayed. Soon you will be greeted with a map of your neighborhood dotted with the locations of recent crimes. If your neighborhood looks like it has chicken pox, that might not be a good sign.

Other cities have used this type of mapping for years, and it is good to see Edmonton get on board. Its crucial that residents of the city see where and when crimes happen. This raises public awareness, and can prevent future crimes from happening. If we become aware of crime hotbeds, it better prepares us to keep an eye open for any suspicious activity. Criminals also become aware that their crimes location and details are made open to the public, which in some instances work as a prevention tactic.

This is definetely a big step forward for the City of Edmonton and EPS.