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Our Obsession with the Abnormal

3 Jul

First off let’s discuss what abnormal is all about. Abnormal isn’t a bad or derogitory term, it simply means not normal, normal being of course those traits, behaviors, characteristics, etc. attributed to the majority of a given sample.

Now take in to account a Television Network; TLC. TLC has been satisfying our craving for oddities by dishing out reality shows based on families such as the famous ‘John and Kate Plus 8’. John and Kate quickly stole the spotlight from TLC’s previous poster boy of reality TV, ‘Little People Big World’; the pumpkin growing little family from Portland. We would watch John and Kate raise their 8 children, and wonder how they could do it, fascinated by their lifestyle and how they managed it.

But John and Kate took on a sudden twist this spring, the couple is getting divorced. Viewers could see it coming as the tension between this couple grow on the show over time. With some specialisits even condeming the show to being a toxic environment to raise 8 children, due to the parents relationship and their everyday lives being broadcast on TV.

The show is now temporarily cancelled, but in the wake of ‘John and Kate Plus 8′ comes ’18 kids and counting’, and ‘The Little Couple’. TLC has all the bases covered when it comes to our taste for this flavor of reality TV.

So what is it that draws us to these shows, what is it with our fascination of the strange and unusual. Is it the same psyche that inspires some bizarre architecture, compels us to stray from the pack in highschool with some strange hair style or clothing, or to eat some strange-to-us food in a far away country? Is it better to be the unusual, or to be part of the mass of normals gawking at the abnormals?

If you have the answers, feel free to let me know…