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Japanese Creativity

25 Jun

June 21, 2009 001 (2)Standing at the urinal in the men’s bathroom at a train station in Nara, I notice again the little hook sticking out from the wall in which to hang your umbrella on while you use the facilities. This triggers my memory of how creative the Japanese really are.

During my travels in Japan, I have been confronted with many situations and technology that has rooted the idea that nothing goes unnoticed in Japan. Bathrooms are a prime example of this, where it’s very common to open the door by touchpad, have the lights turn on, and the toilet lid flip up as you enter. Sit down on the toilet and you’re in for a real treat for your bum, that seat is heated, and who knew how soothing it is to sit on a warm toilet seat.

Even a small amount of time in Japan will reveal the great lengths the Japanese go to in order to make life more convenient. When the cashier at any store puts your change down on that little tray and slides it over to you, notice how easy it is to pick up? No struggling to flip up coins for those of us with short fingernails on a hard flat counter here. Say you bought a snack at the corner Lawson’s or 7-Eleven, don’t use your teeth to open that box of Pocky, take out that straw, open your breakfast treat or get the dressing out of that little package. A quick look at the package and simple directions on how to easily open it up will be revealed to you!

Retractable Ethernet cables, 8 GB memory sticks no bigger than a dime. How about that Nozomi Train that pulls up and stops so the door to your car lines up exactly where you are standing. Yup, you can find a million examples that will really make you believe, that Japan is the land of imagination.