Rainy Days are Good Days in Kyoto

22 Jun


Awake, crawl out of bed, you tip toe in the darkness past the zen garden, pour yourself some tea, and sit down on the tatami mats as you write about your previous days experiences. You look out the window, but the morning light is still slow at creeping out, you can only hear the pitter patter of the rain.

The rain is hardly enough to stop you, afterall its already 25 degrees, and near 100% humidity, the cool rain is a welcome refresher. So with some friends, you grab an umbrella, and duck under the door to head outside, taking notice of the moring routines of the locals as you experience early morning in Kyoto.

You wander the Shinto and Buddhist temples of the Hagashiyama district, walking through winding alleys, and making your way into the lush green forested hills of Kyotos eastern boundary. Climbing ancient stone steps, to grand wooden gateways and temples, your greeted with spectacular views across the mist cloaked hills. This is when you realize that the rain has only enriched this experience. Everything seems so placid and serene. Afterall, bad weather doesnt have to be bad, it’s all perception.

One Response to “Rainy Days are Good Days in Kyoto”

  1. michael June 23, 2009 at 10:39 am #

    Hey , good to hear you made it to Japan.
    enjoy ur time there

    my addy
    apt 208, 2905 15th ave
    prince george .bc
    v2m 1t3
    see u in simpsom

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