Jetlagged in Tokyo

18 Jun


Tokyo, for the first timer, its a sensory overload. You find yourself lost in the neon lights of Shinjuku, baffled at the crowds at Shibuya and contemplating how all those people fit into your subway car. Your scarfing down conveyor belt sushi, drinking sake and green tea, and people watching in Harajuku. No matter where you’ve been in the world, there is nothing like Tokyo.

You find it difficult to do things slowly here, as nobody else does. One good example is the Tsujiki Fish Market, as soon as the subway doors opened you could smell the scent of fish, which made it easy to find if you just follow your nose. If you can manage not to get your shins smashed by the traffic jams of forklift and trucks hauling around the fish being unloaded off the boats your in for a treat. Its hard to fathom how much seafood is consumed in a city like this, but when you see the action here you kind of get the hint. Tuna bigger than you are being dragged across the stalls as bidders take their catch away,  octopus, eels, squid, and red snapper being packed into boxes, you soon realize that in Japan, seafood is king. And you can sit down at one of the nearby sashima bars for a breakfast like noneother. Dipping your fresh slices of tuna and salmon into your wasabi and soy, its not a breakfast your used to, but it doesnt get any more fresh than this.

When your done, maybe you’ll stop by Ginza, and catch a glimpse of the future as you wander through the displays at the Sony building. Or head up the Metropolitan Office towers for a look across the Tokyo Skyline, or try your luck in the noisy arcades. You’ll find it hard to put the camera down as your bombarded with excitement. And if you get lost, you just may have a helpful stranger off you assistance.

So when your in Tokyo, take your time, and soak it all in. Don’t be shy, eat whatever comes your way, and dish out lots of ‘domo’s’ For its an experience like no other, its Japan, enjoy it!

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