Jordan Factor

16 Jun

When one notices a higher frequency of anomalies in their life, one should not interpret that as being “unlucky”. These are merely events that enhance your experience and keep one sharp, never allowing the mundane to take presidense over the extraordinary.

In my life, some of my friends and I have dubbed these anomalies in my personal experiences as “The Jordan Factor”. It would pop up when we were building cars as teenagers, and more recently it has been popping up in my travels. My time in Australia was interupted by a cyclone that altered some of my travel plans, our dive trip to Belize was nearly cancelled due to not one but two Class 5 Hurricanes an either end of the trip, southeast asia travels encountered politcal turmoil in Thailand, and the Israeli invasion of the gaza strip in 2009 began just as we departed for the middle east. The latest event came with a phone call from a friend, regarding my flight to Japan.

Sarychev Peak, a Russian volcano located in a chain of islands in the north pacific had erupted. A large explosion had sent volcanic ash rising 12km above sea level. This ash was disrupting commercial air traffic in the popular Vancouver-Asia flight path, and my flight, AC003 to Tokyo was affected. Fortunetly, as it stands, our flight is being rerouted through Honolulu and will arrive in Tokyo Narita on the same day.

Bad luck? I don’t think so, just another reminder that life is far from mundane, its these events that define our experiences as we move through life. Because after all, nobody said it was going to be easy.

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