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Air France 447, A Sad Day

2 Jun

Yesterday morning, when millions flipped on the news as part of their morning routine, they were confronted with a story that nobody wants to hear. Air France flight 447 departed Rio, Brazil, and was headed to Paris, but somewhere over the atlantic, the plane simply vanished from the radar. With only an automated message of electrical problems, and thunderstorm activity, the day went on with questions floating about the flight that disappeared.

By mid morning, experts said that the Airbus A330 would of run out of fuel if it was indeed still flying. Search planes departed the African continent and the Brazilian Military was also searching the projected flight path of flight 447. And as of this morning, Brazilian military pilots reported seeing debris 650km north of a Brazilian island in the Atlantic.

The Airbus A330 is a relatively new plane, that is widely used in oceanic flights among many airlines. Having flown before on them, it is modern jet that was built to withstand even the strongest storms. An A330 would be hard pressed to go down in an electrical storm, even if hit by lightning, as French Transportation Minister Jean-Louis Borloo outlines in an article from;

“The French government minister overseeing transportation, Jean-Louis Borloo, said French police were studying passenger lists.

He also said officials “do not believe that a simple bolt of lightning, something relatively classic in aviation, could have caused the loss of the craft. There really had to be a succession of extraordinary events to be able to explain this situation,” Borloo said on RTL radio Tuesday.”

The coming hours, days, and weeks will hopefully yield more information about what exactly happened. It is hard to imagine the anguish that so many families will be dealing with, we can only hope for more answers.