Waiting for Adventure

31 May


On May 29, 2009 Disney and Pixar released their latest film, “Up”. As soon as I can find a movie theater I plan to go see this film as movie critics are claiming this one of Disney-Pixar’s greatest. You can check out the Official HD Trailer here.

The Disney-Pixar duo has been the cornerstone in creating films that are both child and adult friendly. How many adults sign up to watch “Dora the Explorer”? On the other end of the spectrum, mention “Wall E”, “Toy Story”, “Finding Nemo” or “Monsters Inc.” and your likely to catch a smile of fond memories from little kids and us big kids alike. “Up” appears to do just that again, as its underlining themes will resonate more closely with us in our older years.

“Up” tells the story of Carl Frederickson, as he embarks on the greatest adventure of his life, with a small boy named Russell along for the ride; and they never even had to leave the house. Pixar hits a chord with growing old, and the adventures we don’t always get to have in life. As depicted by Carl, his whole childhood he was planning adventures with his wife to be; a woman named Ellie. 

But Carl is not alone, we all dream big when we are young, the things we want to do, and the places we want to go are always in our minds, especially at a young age. Life can move pretty fast, and those dreams we have as a kid can be bundled up into little ideas that we plan to do “someday”. Im sure this will be something we all think about when we’re sitting in that movie theater.

Carl does go on his big adventure, even if its when hes an old man, will it take you a lifetime to go on yours?

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