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Clinton and the W…

30 May

A story in today shows former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton reminiscing at an event in Toronto hosted by TD Canada Trust (aren’t those the “banking can be this comfortable” chairs?).

Ever since Obama has taken over the reigns of the white house, Mr. Bush has ducked under the radar. His silence reflecting his own attitude towards former presidents; “I didn’t appreciate it when my predecessors criticized me,” Time Magazine quotes Mr. Bush when he was asked about Obama’s recent activity with relation to Cuba.

Yup, it seems these two unlikely friends are just that now; friends. Proof that after sifting through the politcal drama, a democrat and a republican can still come to terms. Love them or hate them (protesters did in fact show up), these two former presidents shaped the world in ways we can hardly imagine, especially for us 80’s and 90’s kids. From sex scandals, wars, shoe throwing,¬†and countless youtube spoof videos, it seemed there was never a dull moment in US and world politics. I wonder if any other back to back presidents will rival the Clinton-Bush era, we’ll just have to wait and see, and those of us on the “internets” will indeed be waiting.